About | NYC Dollar Pizza


Why pay more than $1 for pizza in NYC? Using a complex algorithm created by a broke and hungry developer, NYC Dollar Pizza compiles nearby $1 pizza slices, and sometimes even rare 99-cents slices, through a responsible mobile app and a responsive website.

Let's face the facts, New York City has the best pizza in the world. It is the only city that can charge nearly nothing for a slice. NYC Dollar Pizza caters only within the 5 boroughs and has no plans to expand, except maybe to include places with slices up to $1.99.

We can't help you choose your favorite dollar pizza location but we'll try to provide you with the most up-to-date list. To alert us of new pizza places charging $1 or less per slice, or to notify us of new store information, please use this form.

** Prices do not include tax and tip. Duh. Also, we cannot guarantee the excellence or taste of a $1 slice. Double duh.